​WTC Survivor/ Always Remember Initiative

Always Remember Initiative Mission Statement

The Always Remember Initiative is the passion and life goal of Joe Dittmar, a 2 World Trade Center survivor of 9/11/01, with the mission of the Initiative being to keep the voices, spirits and memories of the 3,000 vanquished victims of that fateful day alive, always remembered and never forgotten by all Americans, particularly the youth of our country who are our future and our hope for a better world. 

Mr. Dittmar makes regular presentations that "tell the story" of that day and tells of the events, memories, observations and learnings that his experience offers. He does not do this for any notoriety and does not charge or suggest any honorarium for the opportunity. 

The Always Remember Initiative asks that if any organization having Mr. Dittmar speak cares to make a donation or honorarium, they do so by sending a donation to the Chatham NC 9/11First Responders’ Memorial, being built to recognize and memorialize those dedicated men and women who unselfishly sacrifice their lives each day as First Responders, as well as members of the Armed Forces. The Memorial will use a donated steel beam from the World Trade Center as its central focal point and serve as a long-lasting reminder that we should Always Remember.
Donations can be mailed to:

Chatham County 9/11 First Responder Memorial Foundation Corp.
PO Box 328
Pittsboro, NC 27312

EIN: 46-3844877